ASL Airlines is closely monitoring possible restrictions on entry into the territory of the destinations it serves, which may be imposed by local authorities following the emergence of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Israeli authorities have indicated in particular that passengers who have stayed in China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Japan, Thailand, Singapore or South Korea in the 14 days preceding their arrival in Israel will be refused entry on the territory. Exemptions apply to Israeli citizens and residents, as well as to passengers who have only passed through Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and South Korea.

We recommend that you follow the latest updates from the relevant immigration authorities.

If these restrictions apply to your trip and your ticket cannot be changed or refunded, we recommend that you contact your travel insurance.




At the cutting edge of technology!

In an evolving regulatory environment, changing operational conditions and a modified economic environment, our customers’ requirements change and their needs are more and more immediate…


In order to guarantee performance, safety, time gain, immediate response, we have developed and implemented genuinely innovating tools. We spearhead technology to better serve their needs…



On board RTTO (Real Time Take Off) system:

Maximizes take-off and landing performance.

On board E.D.S FLIGHT PLANNING system:

Rationalizes fuel management, air control information and weather information.

On board CFR (Captain Flight Report) system:

Increases the reliability of, automatizes and manages communication in real time on board.

On board EFBII (Electronic Flight Bag) system:

Deletes the paper documentation of the flight crew.

APM Quote Manager:

Provides quick flight quotes and estimates.

CTP (Cotation Tool Program):

Evaluates specific flight data according to destination.


Sustainable Pioneer Computing!

We are the first Company with totally virtualized computing systems which sustains:


  • A 50% reduction of physical space.
  • A 55% reduction of energy consumption.
  • Immediate, permanent and seamless availability of all data, even when the network is under maintenance.
  • Improved computing performance of data transfer speed and storage capacity.