ASL Airlines is closely monitoring possible restrictions on entry into the territory of the destinations it serves, which may be imposed by local authorities following the emergence of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Israeli authorities have indicated in particular that passengers who have stayed in China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Japan, Thailand, Singapore or South Korea in the 14 days preceding their arrival in Israel will be refused entry on the territory. Exemptions apply to Israeli citizens and residents, as well as to passengers who have only passed through Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and South Korea.

We recommend that you follow the latest updates from the relevant immigration authorities.

If these restrictions apply to your trip and your ticket cannot be changed or refunded, we recommend that you contact your travel insurance.

Your baggage

Checked baggage

Baggage allowance
The baggage allowance can differ per flight, please check this document.


Excess baggage
If your luggage exceeds the allowance, you will have to pay an extra charge in accordance with our excess luggage grid. REMINDER: Under no circumstances may your luggage exceed 32 kg. If it does, it will probably not be checked in the hold.


Special baggage
Transportation of golf bags, bicycles, diving equipment, skis, canoe-kayak, windsurfing boards, water skis, are accepted in hold and are subject to specific rates available in our excess luggage grid. Strollers (one per infant) and wheelchairs are transported free of charge.


Prohibited items in checked bagage
E-cigarettes and spare batteries for their use are forbidden.

Carry-on baggage

You are entitled to carry a single piece of hand baggage. Its weight can differ per flight, please check this document.


All luggage exceeding these dimensions will be transported in the hold. We recommend that you keep your breakables or valuables (i.e. jewels, cameras, computers) as well as any items that you may need during your flight in your hand luggage.


A small luggage (handbag/laptopp bag) is allowed in addition to the 8kg cabin luggage. Bags must be placed under the seat in front of you.

Ban – Transport phones Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In accordance with the decision of the Department of transport Americans and without waiting for a decision of the European Agency of aviation safety (EASA), ASL Airlines France has decided to ban the transport in the hold, and cabin of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices on all its flights in the face of potential fire risk.


Items prohibited on board

Due to the reinforced Vigipirate (French: Plan Vigipirate) France’s national security alert system, and the new European security regulations, the following objects are prohibited on board:


  • Dangerous items or items which may be used to injure other persons. This includes weapons, sharp and pointed items, blunt objects, explosives and inflammable materials.


  • Items labelled as “liquids” will be confiscated at security check points and later disposed of by airport authorities.


  • Check out the list, not exhaustive, of prohibited items on board, cabin or hold and those that require approval of ASL Airlines France by clicking here.


*If you purchased your ticket through our website, please contact our Company:

. If you purchased your ticket through a travel agent or online, it is to them that you have to address your requests for information, special assistance or complaint.